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Millycent Mmbai – From Praise Centre Mbale

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My Experience in WWTC
It was on 7th of January 2014 that I entered in this wonderful Institution, WWTC, I was expecting a transformation. I was determined to take both the Morning and the Afternoon Class. I prayed and believed God for it all. I was also prayed for and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
In Six Months, I have learnt more than what I expected. Most of all Motivation Gifts, I have discovered my gift and am willing to stir it up. The subject that amazed me was Evangelism, earlier I had feared going out to tell people about Christ because I thought people received or rejected salvation depending on the person telling them but I learnt that I was just a vessel and the Holy Spirit is the one that convicts. I gained confidence to tell people about Christ.
I have learnt so much from all the subjects and I give Glory to God. I appreciate the Founders for allowing me to come and learn both the Biblical Studies and Computer Studies, I heard a voice from the within that told me that God would provide, so I stepped in by Faith and the Founders helped me go through when I could not get money to pay for the afternoon class. I am so grateful that even through it all I emerged the best Computer Student. Thank you God, Founders and Staff.

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