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Maurice Ongong’ – From Kilingili

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My Experience at WWTC
I learnt about WWTC from Bro. Ashioya whose wife graduated in WWTC in 2006. I met Ashioya many times when I brought vegetables to the market. His wife could buy vegetables from me. He insisted that I join WWTC.
The Sun was above the morning as I entered WWTC. Interviews were going on as I entered the Centre. What touched me most was the loving hug I received from Bro. Clifton after the Interview. I joined the rest of the class and was the oldest student, 53years.
The Lessons began and so much has been deposited in my life. I was not disturbed by my age because the Staff treated all of us the same way. There was no partiality. When the team from USA came led by Rev. Tad, I remember while serving them snacks, Sis. Judith introduced me to Rev. Tad, I also told him I was the oldest and that I was 53 and Rev. Tad said that he too was only 53 years young. This gave me a propeller to do the work of God and learn at WWTC with zeal.
WWTC has the best Staff, they interchanged lessons with lots of Excellence, we were taught in class and some Staff members sat in class, they contributed while the others were teaching and this was just too wonderful for me. They allowed questions and helped each other answer to our curiosity.
I thank the Founders and the Staff for training us well to go out and impact the World. World Transformers was our name and it will come to pass in our generation.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to have tea and bread or Mandazi. This was an answered prayer due to the distance I walked every day to and from school.
I will keep WWTC in my prayers and talk to others also about it.

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