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Francis Ludecky Chidey – Pastor of Jepses Word of Faith Church


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My Experience at WWTC
I am a born again Spirit filled Christian with a testimony, serving in the body of Christ. I chose to come to WWTC because in my home, family, church, community and my other establishments, I have been finding myself in positions of influence. I needed specific knowledge in leadership in order to deliver well in and with minimal problems.
At WWTC it began with the revival of my Spirituality, I was helped to locate myself spiritually, feed and nature my spirit being by the Word of God. I have learnt how to operate in faith and many others.
The School has streamlined me in my leadership. I have been equipped with necessary skills and tools to apply so as to deliver effectively as a leader. In search of Timothy by Tony Cooke has motivated me both as a Minister and a Supportive Minister.
As I leave WWTC, I confess that it was one of the divine arrangements of God that He prepared me for the work of the Ministry. All classes were very important because they complemented and completed each other.
WWTC Instructors are supper, they took lessons seriously, good time managers, relied wholly on the Holy Spirit, and are people who have been made to make others, and may God bless them richly.
In conclusion, I appeal to my fellow Ministers of the Gospel to make optimum use of WWTC for it is a gift from God for the Church today. This is a place where you discover yourself, your purpose and place in Ministry and made to serve even better.
At WWTC, Humility is the key to effective leadership. If you are in any position of influence or are aspiring for leadership in any capacity, WWTC is the place to be, make it a priority. My gratitude goes to WWTC Founders, Staff and 2014 graduates.

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