Rev Ben and I were sent to Maasai to minister in a conference on 12th Monday to 18th Sunday August 2013. We had a great move of God in Maasai, teaching the Word of God in simplicity which was powerful connection with the simplicity of Praise and Worship by the Maasai people in their native language. The conference was organized by Word of Faith Ministries Intl and Christ Gospel Ministries
We taught mainly on the threefold nature of Man, family, youth leadership, the value of women in family and ministry, faith, moving forward regardless of the challenge one may be experiencing and the power of anointing. Youths who had abandoned school resolved to going back after encouraging them about the value of education. 38 souls received Jesus as Lord and Savior, the sick were healed, and on Sunday we had great outpouring of the Spirit of God. We challenged the women and the youth to take up their place and serve God. We called an alter call for all those women and youth who had desire to preach and we laid hands on them, then we gave them some short time to preach.

– Means of transport was a problem, in that we had to walk to and fro to the venue.
– Shops are 25km away, making it difficult to get supplies like drinks, water, food
– We ate same kind of food throughout especially meat and milk.
– Language barrier, most speak Maasai language we had translators
We trusted in God and finally the grace was sufficient to sustain us there.
We also tried as much as we could to get all we needed from the shopping Centre so we that we did not have to travel a long way again.
We are more prepared to go back to Maasai land again.

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