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Rose Akudo Ereng – From Turkana

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My Experience in WWTC
It was last year that my husband connected with McDowell Ministries via Facebook. WWTC team sent Bro. Oliver and Bro. Ben to come to our place in Turkana to visit, minister and further explain about the Training Centre. We then developed a relationship with WWTC.
My husband was not ready to join the School in January but he sent me to join first so that he could join in 2015. I prayed and after a week, McDowell told us that they had found a sponsor for me. I am so grateful to my Sponsor for paying everything for me. God bless you.
I was affected by the cold weather because I had come from an extremely hot environment but I overcame the sickness.
What has changed me most is confession in the mornings, I have trained myself to confess every day and it has become part of my life style.
I was motivated and transformed through teachings from the staff and interaction with other students. I am leaving knowing my Motivation Gift and as a leader who will impact my society.
My desire is to go back to Turkana, create more time to reach more people to bring them to the Kingdom of God.
I am going to encourage others to join WWTC. God bless WWTC Staff, Founders and my Sponsor.

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