My Experience in World Witness Training Centre
I came to know about WWTC through a friend who invited us to come and celebrate her graduation ceremony, this was the 9th Graduation.
On that day of graduation I came and as were going to her home to celebrate, she made the statement that ‘next year Lydia, you will join and sit where I sat’. She did not know she was prophesying. I was shocked because I learnt that actually my 2014 seat belonged to her in 2013.
I began by attending a seminar whereby a learnt a lot of things and desired to join the Centre the following year.
At joining, we began with an interview; I was so nervous that words escaped. The first Lessons on Spiritual Development and Motivation Gifts brought a big change in my life, it gave me another perspective that a new born believer is just like a baby who should be given time to grow. I discovered my gift and I endeavor to exercise it. I am a teacher (Primary Gift) and Server (Secondary Gift). I was doing this in my Church and many more but now I will narrow down to my gifting to let others also discover theirs.
I was timid before I joined WWTC but with the morning devotions of Confession and Prayer, I am very bold and can stand before many people. In my private life I have learnt to confess who I am in Christ which I received through morning confession.
I did not know anything about Computers, I had never handled any. I came in as an analogue material, I am leaving as a digital material, Praise God.
To my instructors, don’t grow weary in well doing, in Gods due time you will receive a reward. You have become a channel through which God wants to use to reach the World by training men and women to go out and impact their World.
Due to the distance I was covering every day, my prayer is to see the Complex that is displayed in the Staff Room on land. God will provide and we will have boarding facilities especially for people from far.
May God Himself, who placed this big vision in the hands of the Founders follow it to the very end. God bless WWTC and enlarge their territories. As I graduate I give God all the Praise and Glory. Who knew that this person writing would graduate?!? Glory to God.

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