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We left Mbale Town on 24th October Oliver and I heading to Lodwar, being send as missionaries by World Witness Training Center. We travelled well even though slowly because the roads are under construction and we had to travel on various diversions. We arrived in Kitale around 3 in the evening and decided to spend the night their. The next day we took a bus called Mvumilivu (which means one that perseveres) and about mid day we were heading to Lodwar for the first time. The journey was very long because most of the road is rough and after twelve hours, around mid night we arrived in Lodwar. We found a place to spend the night and the next day we met with our friend, a pastor in Lodwar Benson Ekuom; he took us round to show us the church building and other ministry activities he does.

We left Lodwar town to Lokichar and then to katilu where we met with pastor Muchu. We spend the night at his home and the next day (Sunday) We ministered in his church and eleven souls came to the Lord.

The next day the Pastor took as round visiting the communities that live in Katilu and we saw people that had many challenges to deal with. Many children their do not go to school but are sent to look after the family cows and goats and most people do not know any other language apart from the local language. Temperatures in that whole region is very high and the water is salty. Thank God for men of God that are enduring every challenge to get the Saving word in those areas. Generally transportation, water and food is a problem in those areas. I believe God is touching many hearts to reach out to Lodwar and its environs. Thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to touch some; our lives have been transformed forever. Looking forward for another trip next year.

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  1. Leta McDowell

    We praise God for every effort made in this region of northern Kenya to reach the people with the Word of God. Thank you for going on this mission trip!

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